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Adobe has built course materials focused on career areas in Visual and Print Design, Digital Video, Graphic Design & Illustration, and Print Media Publication. These course materials correlate directly to specific Adobe Certified Associate exam objectives for each domain. Explore these materials to see which ACA certifications are right for you or your group.

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Exam Objectives and Data Sheets

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Adobe Press Certification Textbook with videos, sample questions, and project files.


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Exam Objectives and Data Sheet

Visual Communication using Adobe Photoshop 

Download Data Sheet

Exam Objectives and Data Sheet

Graphic Design and Illustration using Adobe Illustrator 

Download Data Sheet Illustrator_CS6_totem_5in_72ppi

Exam Objectives and Data Sheet

Print and Digital Media Publication using Adobe Indesign

Download Data Sheet InDesign_CS6_totem_5in_72ppi

Exam Objectives and Data Sheet

Video Communication using Adobe Premiere Pro

Download Data Sheet Premiere_Pro_CS6_totem_5in_72ppi estore-arrow-small-grey PS_cover